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Trader Must Win Project

Building up Sustainability along with a remarkable Profitability
No ''Martingale w/o S/L''
No ''Scaling-in''
No ''Full Grid Hedge''
No ''News Trading''
Yes.. Our service is for savvy and determined investors.
Those are the ones who make good decisions for a living and they are the Men, not the boys.
Why do we keep 6 different Strategies?
Every pair has very unique characteristics such as different volatility, correlations, fast-trending or range-bound move, different reaction to the news or releasing data etc.
A trader cannot use the same analysis or trading strategy for all of them.
Different entrance or Stop Loss/Take Profit strategies or price action analysis beside different group of indicators with fine-tuned numbers must correspond to characteristics of each pair. 
Life would be so easy if one formula fits for everything..
Men created Robots but they still need parenting for rough times
Robots do not know Pandemic, Brexit or absurd Oil Crisis. They may notice them once the sharp moves on graphics have occured. So what should be done for full protection?
Our Automated Strategies were not being created by algorithmic programs. This is a fatal mistake in our sector that some IT geeks produce decision maker indicators or EA's by means of so-called algo machines.
We have developed them in years, tested and optimized for so long, and then turned them into Automated Strategies .
Basically, we use price action strategies along with at least 4 triggering indicators that are delicately chosen and fine-tuned among 3 indicator groups (Trend,Momentum and Volatility)
Although we have Machine Learning AI for Risk Management, we -the analysts of Earnpip- are still observing the placed trades and the financial markets constantly to intervene in case of any abnormality or unusual news or data. We intervene our automatic system by restricting some strategies or order types and stopping the trading of pairs that are possible to be effected.
What we do for you

Choosing stable & sustainable Strategies

We have developed tens of forex trading systems during past 15 years, we observed and eliminated some of them which did not produce stable profit with a maximum drawdown of 20%. 

We have chosen 6 systems which are the most stable ones that are compatible with each other to create an ultimate combination. We are running and optimizing new systems and keeping them ready to use at anytime.

Control for sustainability

There are safety criterias that are looking for a resilient and sustainable trading system. We monitor them 24/5 and if we observe untolerable faults on any of the systems, we delete it from the system instantly and  add a new good-performing one when it is ready.


Notice: We are on  your side and we are not obliged to keep on using a bad performing system. Running 6 different and  independent systems helps us allocate such risks as well.

Analyzing and Filtering the Trades

We, first, do manual detections according to our experience of  15-year forex knowledge with 19 critical criterias. Secondly, we use our testing programs OuantAnalyzer and Arya. 

We block the possible wrong trades with multiple examinations. We use Arya (It is an AI - Artificial Intelligence) that has a 'machine  learning' module warning us for repeating market conditions that cause losses and prevents us doing the same mistakes again. It examines a trading order within 100 miliseconds (0,1 sec) before it is placed to the trading account.


24/7 Tech Safetiness

We handle all technical controls and add automated programs to our signal providing environment such as 'news autostop', 'automatic restarter' , 'autostop' .We define risk ratios and trade copier rules  as default settings.​

Notice: We are not changing the techical fundamentals of a      trading  system on the way, which -in fact- would mostly destroy it.

Step by Step Process
We get trading systems from genetic algorithm machines or we develop them inhouse.
Existing backtesting programs are useless because they are not tick-basis.But we get algo tradings with verified track records or our developed systems have real trading performances.
We test them with 19 strict criterias and find out which of them has no schemes, performing well and able to provide sustainability.
Machine Tests
After the manual tests, we use a Quantitative Analytics program to expose irregularities and  to trim the bad outputs in order to keep it sustainable.
At this step, we create the most compatible combination concerning the risk management rules along with the stable growth of earning. 
New Sender Rules & add-ons
We define the publishing rules on sender ea side of the copier. We may change the S/L or omit signals for some pairs , setting news schedule to prevent sharp movements , adding heartbeat module etc.
Machine Learning Risk Management
We have ARYA  -machine learning artificial intelligence program- to be added to our trading system to requestion a signal within 0.1 sec.  before it is executed.
ARYA is not similar to backtesting or forward testing.
It is a 'self-learning machine program' that learns from past mistakes of each trading system and examines the economic environment that causes the 'loss' of a trade and remembers and warns/blocks if the similar condition occurs obviously for the next trades.
Setting up and running
 Setting up the trade copier is very simple, you do not need to know any tech knowledge.It is a few clicking thing. 
We monitor the system 24/7 and detect  any situation that threatens ongoing sustainability or a remarkable performance fluctuation from one of the signal components.
Once we get the idea that one of feeder systems repeating malfunction  or bad performance etc. and if it is impossible to fix it , we change it with another substitute system
 Please do not forget:
We are on  your side and we are not obliged to keep on using a bad performing system. Running 6 different and  independent systems helps us allocate such risks as well.
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