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What is Copy Trade or Copy Trading?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Copy Trade ( Copy Trading, Trade Copier or Auto Copy) is for Forex Traders who want to copy trades from one source automatically within milliseconds without missing any of them and spend no time in front of their computers.

You may not be ready to open a trade coming from us 24 hours a day, Trade Copier automatically opens trades on behalf of you.Trade Copier changes automatically the changing Stop Loss and Take Profit points in stead of you.
It helps you open the trades on time and doesn't let you be late for placing the new signals.​
It is the way to enjoy the forex trading business.

Are Copy Trade and Auto Trading the same?

Copy Trade means that you copy the trades of a publisher ( master account )to your platform automatically. Auto Trading refers to any kind of hands-free trading, such as Forex Expert Advisors (EA) or Forex Robots.

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