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How Forex Traders lose money

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Winning is not about running fast, it's about choosing the right path.

65-89% of FX investors lose money. Annual reports of ESMA say so. Read the whole Article

EA's and Indicators are like grenades. They blow off their users. They show some daily winning trades without no long term performance proof.

Social Trading Platforms are slaughter houses that have more than 80% losing traders. Indeed, traders are just copying the exact same trades of the highest ranking traders. What is the obscure truth there?

We focus on providing sustainable profitability.. Sorry, we don't promise you Heaven.

We don't trade with exotic pairs and cryptocurrencies, because:

Our Trading Robots are combination of Price Action and 3 major set of indicator groups. They are not produced by algorithm machines. We've made them fully automated to prevent humane faults. We still intervene them by restricting some pairs or the whole strategy when we detect huge tides like Coronavirus Pandemic, Brexit or Oil-Crisis.

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