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Free Forex Vps

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

What is Forex VPS:

It is mainly a VPS (Virtual Private Server) but it must be an optimized one according to your trading platform and Broker Location.

Indeed, the promised 'low latency' performance cannot be realized by Forex VPS providers since there are a lot of hunches on the road.

What would you aim to do by means of a good Forex VPS?

It must be either having the exact same opening and closing price that your automated systems suppose to do, or, trigger the opening and closing orders as soon as possible and wait for some predetermined time period to execute them with a better price.

Let's evaluate these two situations:

1. We believe Low Latency Forex VPS thing is a little bit overrated. ​When a trader opens a trade he/she suggests the next tick will be through his/her order opening side, but most of the times this doesn't happen. Beside overthinking about it, it would be better to arrange your Forex Robot ( Auto Trading EA) to wait for the better price for x seconds. This will work better.

Or even 2-miliseconds-later price of your broker might be worse than 70-miliseconds-later price.

Let's make the simple math of it:

Suppose that you are trading on Major Pairs such as EUR/USD or GBP/USD, you may observe more than 4 or 5 ticks ( new price step or movement) in 1 second.

Otherwise, if you are trading on a lazy pair, then the price movements do not happen much in 1 second.

If we consider the former, it would still be a challenge against your broker because brokers are ready for this situation and most of them provide you with the worst price within x miliseconds. Yes, they have very fast and complicated back office risk management programs, which indeed sells you the worst prices by making the auto-calculation within x miliseconds. Milisecond is really 1/1000 seconds . We mean to say that one order is 'accepted' and booked in your account not less than 100 miliseconds.

2. So you can do the same meticulously. You would find the best price to execute to put an option in your FX Robots.

Beside doing that, you can consider for a reasonable latency between your VPS , Broker's server and your copier's server. As you can get the obvious outcome from the example above, any solution with 0.3 second and below will satisfy you for a good trading environment.

How our Copy Trading systems work:

We use 2 different Copier systems: Copier EA and Cloud Copier.

Copier EA needs to your own VPS working properly round the clock.

Cloud Copier sets your platform and receiver copier on the same server a(nd does the setup automatically), that means there is less that 0.009 sec. latency which is almost perfect.

In summation, a consistent VPS with a reasonable latency of under 0.3 (300 ms) would be doing a good job. Most of the brokers offer Free or Discounted Forex VPS optimized for latency between VPS and Broker's server. Ask your broker for free VPS.

If you want to rent your own Forex VPS you should know the minimum technical requirements according to your trading platform ; Metatrader's is way different than ctrader or Lmax.

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