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Forex Social Trading

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Social Trading has a lot of pros and cons that you have to learn before the start. One underestimated negative point may make you upside down.

As it is officially published by ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) for 6/2018 and written on Finance Magnates on 8/29/2018, not only the regulated Forex Brokers have 76.3% losing traders but also the most popular Social Trading platform (with 8 million subscribers) has 65% losing traders, although they copy directly from the winning traders!
As you know, almost allBrokers have their own Social Trading Platforms as well.
The situation remains the same according to ESMA report for July 2019 written on Finance Magnates on 9/7/2019.

Why do all these '’millions'’ of traders fail even though they only copy '’the top ranked winner traders'’ and make their own combinations by means of the (given simple) risk management tools?

So, what happens:
- Most of the systems with positive gains are unsustainable. Almost all of them use ''Martingale without Stop Loss'',''scaling-in'', ''News trading'' and ''grid hedge trading'', sooner or later they cause big drawdowns and even losing all of your money.

The rule of Forex Trading is '' if you have a good defense, you win! ''
Our Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence for Risk Management supports us.
We promise you nothing but sustainable profitability, as we already do and always will.

Now, you know the answer.

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