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Be the Smartest Forex Investor and Copy Automatically

Recruit 2 Experienced Analysts, 6 Winner Robots and 1 AI to your investment team with one click.

The Strategy:​

We have created and tested many trading strategies since 2004 and chosen 6 sustainable winners of them. We made them totally automated to guarantee the endurance.

Risk Management​:

We make Optimization and Risk Calculation on your behalf. We use our Machine Learning System (AI) to avoid repeating losses. We have Arya and QuantAnalyzer.

Follow our Real Time Trades from Our Forex Mobile App:

- You can see all trades and statistics since 2014 in 20 different languages within the App.

- It gives instant notification when opening the new process and closing the process.

- There are 2 separate account types for 2 separate account sizes.

- It has a Demo page for both of the account types. You keep records from the moment you activate it, and you can see real time profit/loss like a Trading Account.

- Mobile App is available in 30 languages.

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