Be the Smartest Forex Investor
Recruit 2 Experienced Analysts, 6 Winner Robots and 1 AI to your investment team
Proven performance since 2014
We run 6 unprecedented Automated Trading Strategies along with a Machine Learning AI for Risk Management
Our Portfolios
We derived 2 unique Portfolios with our existing automated strategies. 
Each Portfolio is customized according to the Risk Tolerance of your account balance.
  • For Accounts over $200
  • Combination of 3 Strategies
  • Free and Paid Plans
  • For Accounts over $3.500 
  • Combination of 6 Strategies
  • Free and Paid Plans
Mobile APP
Instant Alerts while Opening and Closing Orders 
For Everyone
1 year: $36
2 installments ( $18 x 2 )
FREE [for 118 brokers]
No change at your existing spread!  
Your spreads and conditions will not be changed by your broker once you become a member of our service. 
1. Send an email to your Broker   (Email sample is below) 
2. Send us the incoming reply email (
3. That's it!
Email Subject: Urgent Request

Dear Sir/Ma'am,
I would like to ask you to put my trading account under my introducing broker (IB). 
If you need to open a new account to add it under my new IB, please do it. Transfer all the balance to that new account and inform me.
My account :
IB No: 

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The Formula
We provide you with Consistent Performance.
You can use higher transaction sizes according to your risk appetite.
for example: if you want to earn 2 times more than us, you can multiply our transaction size with 2. 
If you use higher transaction sizes, you will be multiplying the possible risk as well. Consider to take the risk that is suitable for your account size.
Expectable Risk for Concurrent Open Positions:
(a possible pessimistic scenario)
for Vital: $400
for Pro: $1.400
Maximum Risk for Concurrent Open Positions:
( All pairs should have open transactions and all of them lose at the same time. This is a weak possibility since some of these currency pairs are not correlative to the same parameters)
for Vital: $1.200
for Pro: $2.800
1. Our minimum transaction size is 0,01 lot (1.000 basis currency)
2. We have a strict Stop Loss policy to protect the system.
3. Stop Loss is common for all transactions of some currency pairs. It will be put for the last transaction and applied to all of them.