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The Multiplier helps you multiply the profit or loss of our performance according to your risk appetite.
If we earn $100 or lose  $100 and you use 2 as multiplier, you will earn $200 or lose $200.
Expectable Risk for Concurrent Open Positions:
(a possible pessimistic scenario)
for Vital: $1000
for Pro: $3.500
Maximum Risk for Concurrent Open Positions:
(a Doomsday scenario assuming all pairs hit Stop Loss. This is a weak possibility since some of these currency pairs are not correlative to the same parameters)
for Vital: $2.000
for Pro: $5.500
If you use multiplier, you will be multiplying the possible risk as well. Consider to take the risk that is suitable for your account size.
1. Our minimum transaction size is 0,01 lot (1.000 basis currency)
2. We have a strict Stop Loss policy. 
3. Stop Loss is common for all transactions of some currency pairs. It will be put for the last transaction and applied to all of them.
4. Pro has all transactions of Vital.
Formula: We provide you with consistent performance. You can use Multiplier to increase your profit.
Real Time Risk Data
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If you want to use Vital, you'd better have a minimum of $1.000.
For Pro, it is $3.500 .
It is necessary to avoid Stop Loss.

Suppose that, you have $7.000 in your account and you want to use PRO . 
You can use a Multiplier up to 2. ( 7.000/3.500=2 )
This means that you will be multiplying the profit.
if you normally earn $500 then you will earn $1.000 .

Calculate Compound NET Profit
If you have a stable and sustainable system then you will enjoy observing the snowball effect of Compound Profit
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